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Engine Oils

High Performance Against Abrasion and Corrosion.

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Engine Oils

Industrial Oils

High-Performance Oils Manufactured For Use In Industrial Facilities.

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Industrial Oils

Grease Lubricants

It Provides Excellent Lubrication by Performing Fast and Superior Performance.

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Grease Lubricants

Hydraulic Oils

High-Quality Oils that Are Resistant to Rust and Abrasion.

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Hydraulic Oils

Tractor Oils

Multipurpose Tractor Oils With Extra High Performance.

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Tractor Oils

Waste Oil and Recycling

Waste mineral oils can be recycled and reused under appropriate conditions and conditions.

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Waste Oil and Recycling
Sarpet Mineral Oils

About Us

Over 27 years of working experience in industrial oils

Sar-Pet Petroleum Marketing and transportation Limited Company which makes production in the mineral oil factory located in Antalya Organized Industry Region with the trade-mark "SP" has been set up as Petrol Ofisi vendar at Antalya Düdenbaşı Mah. Gazi Bulvarı No:421 in 1995. At present, our company which is Petrol Ofisi vender in the same adress has started Rapid Setting Cationic Bitumen Emulsion (CRS-1, CRS-2) and Grease Production in addition to the sorts of mineral oil produced with "SP" mark in the factory which was set up in Antalya Organized İndustry Region in 2003. 

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Sarpet Lubricants Laboratory in accordance with TSE standards

Analysis service fees are made according to the minimum price application of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. All of our experiments are accredited by TÜRKAK.

You can examine our gallery section of our laboratory where we carry out our experiments.

  • Our Working Policy

In all of our works, we see quality service understanding and high performance production, as well as working with a focus on customer satisfaction as one of the most important parts of our services.

  • We Produce The Best Quality Products.

    We produce industrial oils with superior performance.

  • We attach importance to customer satisfaction.

    We take care to present our products to our valued customers in the best possible way.

  • We take care to present our products to our valued customers in the best possible way.



Sarpet Refining Facility Our company provides Waste Mineral Oil Purchase Service.

Waste mineral oils, which are dangerous to mix with soil and water, can be recycled and reused under appropriate conditions and conditions.

The mineral oils used lose their properties during the industrial use of refined or synthetic oils.

You can review our laboratory photographs, our experimental services, our laboratory policy and laboratory qualification documents on our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Mineral Oil?

They are products obtained by adding chemical additives to base-oil substances obtained as a result of refining crude oil, facilitating movement by forming a film between moving metals, preventing friction and corrosion.

What Does the Lubricating Feature of Mineral Oils Provide?

Mineral oil provides the lubrication task with chemical additives (used in production). The properties and performance levels of mineral oils are determined by these additives.

Why Does Oil Drained From The Crankcase Turn Black?

Blackening or darkening of mineral oils is an indication that the mineral oil is doing its job and cleaning the system. In case of doubt, laboratories are the best way to determine the quality of mineral oils.

What Do The Letters "SAE" or "ISO" on the Packaging of Mineral Oils Mean?

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) determines the viscosity properties of automotive series mineral oils; ISO determines the properties of industrial series mineral oils.


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